Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc

Overview - The Properties and the Company


The Warren Minerals District was discovered in 1862. Gold production of the district has been estimated at $255 million. High grade ore was exhibited at International World Fairs and Exhibitions. The richest mines in the district were owned by Unity Gold Production Company. The Warren Times stated that “Unity Gold Mines rank among the richest mines in Idaho” and in 1896 “An ore specimen as large as a man's body assaying $11,155 (540 oz/gold/ton @ $20.67/oz) was shipped to the Boise Stock exchange”. The Lindgren Report (1900 USGS) stated that Unity's Little Giant mine averaged 5.6 oz/gold/ton and 30/oz silver. The Allen Report - 1987 - A&M Exploration, Ltd. stated “Locally the veins carry extremely high gold and silver values.”

The Unity properties, under the name of Unity Gold Production Company, were fully operational and listed on the NYSE OTC prior to 1942 with a high of $14 per share and paid dividends for years. The properties have not operated since being closed by the U.S. Government for the WW2 war effort.

Properties and Ownership

The original patented claims, 158 acres, were purchased by a partnership, one of whom is Unity's current President and Director, in 1978. Property holdings, through acquisitions and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims leasing, were increased by the partnership. In 2001, Unity GoldSilver Mines purchased all ownership rights to the properties which were previously leased from the partnership. The properties were valued at $3,500,000 by Unity's Directors and were purchased in exchange for Unity stock. The deed was recorded October 22, 2002. Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc. owns the patented properties outright with no liabilities or debt.

The rich mineral properties, as of 2009, consist of eight patented/owned claims of 158 acres and control of 76 staked claims, 1,258 acres, leased from the US BLM, totaling over 1,400 contiguous acres. These properties encompass four well known former producers and several known but undeveloped high grade veins.


Warren is located 46 miles NE of McCall, Idaho and is easily accessible by small plane; the 3,000' airstrip, maintained by the US Forest Service, is located adjacent to the mines and village. There is access to the area by automobile between the months of May and December over asphalt and graded dirt road. Amenities at Warren include a café, bed & breakfast, rental cabins and US Postal Service. The area is nationally known for recreational activities of sking, hunting, fishing, panning for gold and semi-precious stones.


The Directors of the Company believe that Unity has a great opportunity in re-opening these well known former producing mines in this proven major minerals district. Substantial profits for our shareholders are possible at today’s mineral prices. Unity is making excellent progress and is positioning itself to be ready as a junior producing company to benefit as the precious minerals boom is about to begin.

Mission Statement

Unity GoldSilver, Inc. intends to produce industrially and economically needed precious minerals in an efficient and ecologically responsible manner. We will strive to maximize profits for shareholders through expansion of property holdings and increasing tonnage mined and milled.


Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc., a Washington Corporation, was incorporated in 1990. Unity has authorized capital of 100,000,000 common shares with 44,413,254 shares issued. A ten for one forward stock split was effected in 2009. Unity, under a Washington State exemption permit, has raised funding at $2/share. The Company now values shares at $.20 per share as a result of the forward stock split. Shares may be purchased by accredited investors only.

Environmental Statement

Underground mining on high grade gold/silver vein systems is environmentally friendly when operated by conscientious companies in the industry. Unity’s milling process is by gravity separation using no chemicals. All milling and separation processes will be conducted on patented mining claims (private, deeded land). There will be no water pollution, no air pollution, no noise disturbance and no toxic tailing ponds. Unity management is working favorably with Government agencies for permitting and compliance.