Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc

Management Team
The success of Unity will be largely dependent on the experience, expertise and focus of management and contracted personnel. Current Director and Company President, Ray Bohn, was among the partnership of six original purchasers of the Unity properties in 1978.

Ray G. Bohn, President and Director
Mr. Bohn, one of the original purchasers of the Unity properties in 1978, has over 50 years experience in sales and corporate management. He was owner of Ray Bohn Insurance Agencies (life, health, accident, and casualty with 42 agents) from 1948 until 1968. He was Sales Manager for Real Estate Equities, Inc., co-owner Bohn & Williams Securities, Inc. (Member Spokane Stock Exchange), President & Director of Biotech Pure Water Systems, Inc. Mr. Bohn received his education attending Utah State Agricultural College, Missouri State Teacher's College and the University of Idaho, School of Mines. He is a 40 year member of the NW Mining Association. Mr. Bohn served as Pilot, Liberator Bomber Crew, European Theater of War, 15th Air Force, WW2.

William R. Thomas, Vice President and Administrative Advisor
Mr. Thomas has over 50 years experience as a mechanical engineer, receiving his degree from Seattle University and maintains a Professional Engineering License in Process Control. Mr. Thomas worked for major NW companies in the areas of pulp & paper, petroleum, marine and nuclear. He was VP of Engineering, Parkinson Crosby & Works Consulting. He retired from Boeing as a consulting engineer. Mr. Thomas owned NW Mint and Foundry, manufacturing commemorative coins and medallions. He was a stock broker with Greenfield Campbell. Mr. Thomas served in the US Air Force, WW2.

Richard A. Flaig, Director
Mr. Flaig has been in the steel fabricating business since 1968. He is former owner of Flaig Steel and Fabricating, Inc., which has 25 employees and $3 million per year volume. Mr. Flaig received his B.A. in Industrial Technology from Eastern Washington University. He is past President of National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association, past President and 13 year member of Rotary. Mr. Flaig served 20 years in the Coast Guard Reserves from which he has retired.

Clifton D. Beauchamp, Director
Mr. Beauchamp has 40 years experience as a machinist. He was employed with Wagstaff Machinery Inc. of Spokane for 19 years. Mr. Beauchamp worked for several years at JOB Shop of California in the construction of mining equipment. He has had an ongoing interest and has worked intermittently in placer mining in the northwest since the 1960’s.

William G. Hommel, Sec./Treas., Director, and Mines Manager. Mr. Hommel passed away on July 2, 2003. He was one of the original owners of the Unity properties and an organizer of Unity GoldSilver. He will be missed and always remembered for his friendship, mining expertise and valuable contributions to the project.