Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc
Unity GoldSilver Mines, Inc.
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Spokane, Washington 99204
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Rich Gold and Silver Mines Being Reopened

Bear Lake has agreed to spend $1,000,000 in exploration and development work on the Unity properties, and by completing a positive feasibility study, to earn a 60% joint venture interest in the Unity Project. Unity's Directors believe that Unity is fortunate to forge an alliance with a well qualified mining group such as Bear Lake Gold Ltd.

The Unity mines were proven producers and the properties were listed on the NYSE OTC, high $14/share and paid dividends for years, until closed by the U.S. Government for the WW2 effort in 1942. Unity mines were reported in early newspaper articles as ranking among the richest mines in Idaho. Unity owns outright 158 deeded/patented acres and owns lease rights to 76 Bureau of Land Management staked claims, 1.258 acres, for a total of 1,416 contiguous acres.  Unity has no royalty obligations or debt.

Former internationally known high grade producing mines
5200' crosscut tunnel valued at $2.3 million
with 8 veins intersected
Mines closed since 1942 for WW2 effort

Properties currently consist of 1,416 contiguous acres
with additional claim stakings in progress.

Joint Venture Option Agreement Signed with
Maximus Ventures Ltd. of Montreal

(as of September 2008, Maximus merged with NFX Gold Inc. -
Combined title is now Bear Lake Gold Ltd.)

Unity Gold Silver Mines Inc. is pleased to announce that a Joint Venture Option Agreement was signed on July 27, 2007 with Maximus Ventures Ltd. ( now Bear Lake Gold Ltd.) of Montreal, Canada.